Rachel TenPenny Crawfords head shot“We can’t control all the things that happen to us, but we can choose how we respond to tragedy and devastation.” –Rachel Tenpenny Crawford

Rachel Tenpenny Crawford is a mother, wife, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, healing educator, and co-founder and tea creator at Teamotions.

The inspiration for Teamotions came after her twin daughters Aubrey and Ellie died in 2008 just a few weeks after they were born. Together with her sister, Crystal Tenpenny, these women are on a mission to share their message of hope and healing one cup of tea at a time.

In this episode listeners feel Rachel’s passion for healing hearts after the loss of a child. Here are a few golden nuggets that Rachel shared:

How to Get Through the Devastating Loss of Your Child:

Pull in one friend that you can trust very well. This person will serve as your second set of ears and eyes – like a sounding board. This is important because you’re not able to make rational decisions when you’re grieving. You can’t see clearly and your perception is influenced by your loss.

Don’t make any big decisions initially. When you are at your lowest, most hurting self, you don’t want to make major decisions. If you don’t have someone in your life like this, seek help from a counselor or therapist.

Give yourself time and grace to get through this process. You also have to give yourself permission to grieve and also to heal. Healing honors your lost child and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone by hurting for the rest of your life. At the same time, healing and moving beyond sadness and hopelessness does not take away from your love for your child.

Rachel’s Words of Wisdom:

Your story matters and the choices you’ve made to navigate through your experiences are important. Share your story with others. There is hope and healing for ourselves and for others when we share. There’s a lot of authenticity that connects people to each other when we share our stories. If you have something to offer, you should be offering it.

Upcoming Projects:

New, limited-edition Christmas blends – 3 new teas to help people take care of their hearts and keep stress low during the holidays. These delicious teas help you stay well, help you connect with others & serve and be reminded of the true purpose of the holidays.

Rachel is currently looking for Brand Ambassadors to join her Teamotions Team to teach her message of hope and healing.

About Rachel’s Company:

Teamotions is a revolutionary emotional well-being company that has transformed a simple cup of tea into a truly healing experience by using adaptogens and other powerful healing herbs in every blend. Adaptogens are remarkable herbs that are scientifically proven to boost immunity, restore balance and vitality, and improve the body’s response to stress. Used daily, these award-winning whole-leaf organic teas foster and support emotional well-being in every way.

How You Can Find Rachel Online:

Website: www.teamotionstea.com

Email: Rachel@teamotionstea.com

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Rachel Tenpenny Crawford and that you heard something that restored hope for you. Even though we can’t predict what’s going to happen in our lives, we have the power to move beyond it and find peace and happiness again.

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Remember that you only have one life to live. So go out there and live a life that you love!

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