ACT Generation: Bridging technology and communication for all generations

Technology has become an integral part of daily life. Whether you choose to embrace it or not, technology is continuously improving and impacting the way that we learn and communicate with each other. Successful entrepreneurs understand that embracing technology is in their best interest if they want to stand out and be noticed in a […]

MWD 058: Supporting Moms through Pregnancy with Vanessa Merten

While Vanessa Merten was expecting her first child, she had a hard time finding information that she wanted. During her pregnancy, Vanessa spent many hours goggling and researching online. She decided that she wanted to make it easier for new parents to get the information they need all in one place. That’s when Vanessa created the Pregnancy Podcast.

MWD 057: How to Push Past Your Fear with Erica Gordon

This mini-training was inspired by the vision and assignment I received to create my Design Your Dream Life Workshop. Here, I share three tips to help you push past your fear.

MWD 056: Cultivate an Engaging Brand with Felicia Wright

With over 15 years of experience in the creative marketing industry, Felicia Wright enjoys mentoring mompreneurs and military spouses. She is the founder of Mygani, LLC, a marketing firm that helps entrepreneurs develop engaging brands.